What experts say

Why is Triple P so well regarded? Hear from professionals who work with families and see the results themselves.

Bronwyn Thornton, Sydney, AUS.

Bronwyn Thornton delivers Group Triple P to parents and says within two sessions parents see huge differences in the way they interact with their children – and improvements in the way their kids behave too!

Lenell Young, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Lenell Young, Louisiana, U.S.A.

As director of the Lousiana Partnership for Children and Families and a Triple P practitioner, Lenell says feedback from families is overwhelmingly positive. watch

Frank Newah-Jarfoi,  Wagga Wagga, AUS.

Frank Newah-Jarfoi, Wagga Wagga, AUS.

Muliticultural Development Liaison Officer Frank Newah-Jarfoi says Triple P is culturally sensitive and "works in all our homes". He says within his community, parents are… watch

Janette White, Glasgow, U.K.

Janette White, Glasgow, U.K.

Triple P is "phenomenal", says Janette White, a provider with Glasgow Life Libraries. But, she says, parents need to want to make changes to improve their lives. watch

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