Helping Saskatchewan parents to Stay Positive

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Jun 10, 2014

Helping Saskatchewan parents to Stay Positive

With the launch of a new “Stay Positive” website especially for parents in the Saskatchewan province, awareness of the benefits of the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program® is set to soar.

The Stay Positive campaign is supported by the Ministry of Social Services, who have expanded Triple P to meet the needs of more parents and families. Giving parents the skills and confidence they need to parent well means families are empowered to address common child and adolescent social, emotional and behavioural problems, and provide engaging environments for optimum child development.


It’s all part of a further $8.7 million investment in 2014-15 as the Government of Saskatchewan continues its cross-ministry approach to helping Saskatchewan children, youth and families with the complex issues they face. The Saskatchewan Child and Family Agenda has received almost $62.5 million since 2011, and this year the focus is on education, health, family supports and community safety.


 Social Services Minister June Draude: “Our government believes in growth not for the sake of growth, but to make life better for everyone in Saskatchewan, and that starts with vulnerable children”. 


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