Ontario study looks at COVID-19 family well-being

HAMILTON, ON — McMaster University researchers have launched a province-wide online survey to help understand what families with children are experiencing in the context of COVID-19, and what services families and caregivers may need. The Ontario Parent Survey is part of a larger intervention study funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada created to promote positive parenting practices and improve child outcomes.

WHAT IS THE SURVEY ABOUT? — To look at the impact of COVID-19, and its associated restrictions (i.e., lockdown) on families across Ontario. We want to know about the impact on caregivers and their children (aged 0-17 years) to help inform community practice on how to assist families through these challenging times. The survey will be up for six weeks.

WHO IS INVOLVED IN CONDUCTING THE STUDY? — McMaster researchers are part of a larger study funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY? — Evidence generated from this study will be used to inform the development of pragmatic and methodological strategies required for implementation of online interventions in similar humanitarian settings and any future pandemics.

Parents can go to www.OntarioParentSurvey.ca to complete the survey.