Coping with natural disasters


Natural disasters such as wildfires and floods may cause children ongoing stress and trauma. Parents can use Triple P tips to help their child cope and recover.

After a natural disaster, you may need to give extra support to your children to help them come to terms with their emotions and possible distress.

Children may also feel anxious on the anniversary of a disaster event, or as the season for fires or floods approaches once more.

Triple P has considerable experience helping families on the ground in disaster zones, including the devastating bushfires in Tasmania, Australia in 2013, the Alberta floods in 2013, floods in Queensland, Australia in 2011, and the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016.

This flyer has some tips on coping in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

This flyer has tips on coping with distress that may occur next time the season returns.

Parents can talk to a Triple P practitioner any time about helping kids to develop emotional resilience, including after natural disasters.