Lifestyle Triple P – keeping kids healthy and active

Is this you?

You want your child to be happy, healthy and active. But this may not be happening as much as you’d like. Perhaps life seems too busy to fit in much outdoor play, or energetic games. Or you may worry that your child doesn’t eat enough healthy food, or spends too much time using a screen. It’s possible you have concerns about your child’s weight or fitness level. Or maybe there are no major concerns, but you’d like some help raising physically healthy kids and cutting down on screen time. If you’d like to encourage your family to enjoy healthier eating and be more active, Lifestyle Triple P can help. 

What is Lifestyle Triple P? 

Lifestyle Triple P is based on Triple P’s positive parenting strategies. It gives you the tips and tools you need to promote healthier family eating and to encourage your kids to be more active. Lifestyle Triple P isn’t a set of rules. It’s a range of strategies that allows you to provide good choices for your children. It helps you understand the health risks children can face if they are overweight, inactive, and/or don’t have a healthy diet. Lifestyle Triple P gives you alternatives that help promote your child’s health and self-esteem. And it gives you ways to manage your child’s activities and food choices without stress and arguments. 

What kinds of Lifestyle Triple P can I do? 

Depending on your needs and what’s available in your region, you may be able to choose from two different types of Lifestyle Triple P: the Lifestyle Seminar Series and Group Lifestyle.

Lifestyle Triple P Seminar Series – for parents of children aged 2-12 years

Seminars tackle the most common issues related to raising healthy, active children. Seminars bring together large groups of parents – often 20 or more. Each seminar takes just 2 hours, and you can do one, two or all three in the series. You also get a take-home Tip Sheet from each seminar. The topics in the series are:

  • Positive Parenting for Healthy Living
  • Healthy Eating to Promote Children’s Wellbeing, and
  • Physical Activity to Promote Children’s Wellbeing

Group Lifestyle Triple P – for parents of overweight or inactive children aged 5-10 years

Group Lifestyle Triple P brings together small groups of parents – usually about a dozen people. In relaxed, fun sessions, your Lifestyle Triple P provider will give you ideas to encourage the habits and ways of behaving you’d like to see more of. You’ll watch videos, join group discussions and role-play ways to handle tricky situations with your child. You’ll also be given a workbook to remind you of your new plans and strategies, and help you keep track of the changes you’re making. You’ll also get an activities and games booklet. 

Check to see if Lifestyle Seminars and/or Group Lifestyle are being offered near you.