Pathways Triple P – keeping families together

Is this you?

Things are very bad at home. You may be feeling angry a lot of the time. Perhaps you worry that you’re going to 'lose it' and hit your child – or worse.

If this sounds like your home, then Pathways Triple P may be for you. Your Triple P provider can refer you to do Pathways Triple P (either with them or another Triple P provider trained to deliver Pathways).

How does Pathways triple p work?

Your Triple P provider wants your family to stay together and to enjoy being a family. So he or she will give you special support and new skills to make sure you can manage your child’s behaviour and manage your anger.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice these new skills and start parenting the way you want to.

How do you do it?

First, you and your Triple P provider will get together to talk about the specific problems you’re having.

You’ll then work out which areas you need to focus on. There are two specialist mini-courses (known as “modules”) within Pathways. You will do your Pathways mini-courses in personal sessions or a small group with your Triple P provider. You may be able to do these in your own home.

What can I expect to learn in these mini-courses? 

Avoiding Parent Traps will help you work out why you get angry and upset with your child, and help you think differently about how those situations occur.

Coping with Anger gives you a choice of personal tools to use when you get stressed or upset with your kids. 

How long will it take?

Each mini-course takes a maximum of just two sessions with your provider. The sessions will last between one hour and 90 minutes. You will also have an additional final session together to go over any questions you may have.

If you’re doing Pathways in a small group, you’ll do both mini-courses. If you are doing it one-on-one with your provider you can do one or both mini-courses. Either way, you choose the problems you need help with.