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Those tricky ‘in-between’ years can really take a toll on family life. For more than 15 years, Teen Triple P has helped parents and kids around the world navigate the path to adulthood – with less upset and conflict. Teen Triple P is now available online!

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Module 1: What is positive parenting for teenagers?

Let’s start with the basics. Put Teen Triple P’s five principles in place, find out the parent traps to avoid and you’re on your way to a smoother adolescence.


Module 2: Encourage appropriate behaviour

Remember the days when you really talked to each other and got along well? Here are the tips to get that happening again (or help it stay that way).


Module 3: Teaching new skills

This one’s all about helping your teen (or pre-teen) manage their emotions, show respect, get along with others and solve problems.


Module 4: Managing problem behaviour

It starts with you setting out your expectations and ends with your teen acting and behaving in a way you are truly OK with. Get the lowdown on how to do this, calmly!


Module 5: Planning ahead for risky situations

Find out how to encourage your teen to make safer choices about the scary stuff (that is, scary for you but probably tempting for them!).


Module 6: Raising confident, capable teenagers

Yes, it is possible! We give you a few final strategies to make sure your teen or tween is independent and considerate enough to thrive in the real world.

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