Disaster recovery Triple P seminar

Is this you?

A disaster, such as a wildfire, earthquake or flood has affected your family. You’re going through a stressful and emotionally draining time. And you’re looking for practical ways to better understand and support your teen's reactions, resilience and questions. If this sounds like you, then a Disaster Recovery Triple P Seminar may be right for you.

What is disaster recovery triple p seminar?

Disaster Recovery Triple P Seminar is for large groups of parents – possibly 20 or more. The seminars are a little like a public forum, where presenters cover a range of topics, including:

  • Common social and emotional reactions of children following a disaster
  • The natural course of children’s responses
  • Why some children are more affected than others
  • Parent traps
  • Managing children’s emotions following a disaster
  • Answering children’s questions

Where do i go for a seminar?

Seminars are usually held in a comfortable public venue, such as a school, hall or other meeting place.

How long will it take?

The seminar lasts about 90 minutes. At the end, you can ask questions, but you don't have to. It’s your choice. And you don’t need to prepare anything ahead of time. This is an introduction to Triple P parenting strategies that can help your family during and after a disaster and will leave you with practical ideas and tips that you can use now and in the future.

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